About Unprofessional Development


One day, we were sitting around in our apartment, having a big video game tournament on the PS2. Suddenly, right at a critical juncture, one of the contestants leaped up and realized with a start that he had a midterm to write. He dashed out the door, and the opponent that he was supposed to be playing got a bye. As a result, this author won $25. But it got us thinking about how lucky we were to be spending the best years of our life doing absolutely nothing productive. I mean, here we were, having all the fun, while our poor friend had to run off to some stuffy classroom and write a midterm for a teacher he didn't even like, and for what? Job security? Pension plans? Economic stability? Heck, who needed any of that? We had our youth!

That's when we realized that the best use of all this free time we had was to build a website that imparted our wisdom to you, the reader of this website. Now you, too, can join the ranks of unprofessional, irritating people. You, too, can refrain from supporting our floundering economy. And here's the best part - it's absolutely free! Well, sort of. There is an enrollment fee, you understand, but there's no legal or electronic mechanisms in effect that prevent you from stealing our course material right off our site and using it for your own purposes! We were too lazy to put any into effect. And even if we did want to make you pay for it, there's no empty positions left in our classes anyway! So sit back, and enjoy. You're about to receive an education that money cannot buy.