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Unprofessional Development (UPD) is a course dedicated to making employees and students less professional. It is founded on the principle that each person only has so much patience for each day, and they sure as heck don't want to waste it all on anything as trivial as getting along. At this site, you can learn to irritate people the unprofessional way!

Our lessons are geared towards young and old alike, and if you don't feel like paying our entry fees, you can just punk the course lessons off this site without telling us and do it all yourself. That's what most people do.

Having said that, our site is designed to provide the maximum ease of use to people who want a free ride in our academics, and pursuing one of our in-depth lessons is as simple as clicking the appropriate link at the side. We recommend starting with the "About Us" link, and then following each lesson in the order that they are listed, starting with Semester I.

Unprofessional Development is not affiliated with anything remotely educational.
Unprofessional Development is entirely fictional, so far as we know.
Unprofessional Development is developed entirely by Brandon Amoroso.
The owners of Unprofessional Development are not responsible.
All rights reserved.

Unprofessional Fish
This school of fish has become disorganized. They are certain to be eaten by something.

Unprofessional Leopard
This leopard was shunned by his peers for poor sportsmanship. He will soon starve to death.

Unprofessional Planet
Need we say more?